Can you take me HIGHER…..?

How frustrating is it to go to the gym everyday and do boot camp classes and never see a change in your body? You feel as though you are working so hard for what?! Nothing. You still look in the mirror right at that muffin top as if it was put there just to torture you. How is this possible? Then, you go on the couch and turn on the tube to see nothing but hot celebrities with these fit bodies. How depressing! How do they do it? Well….two words, personal trainers.

Boot camp classes are great; they usually have a good amount of people which is always motivating. The saying there is power with numbers does hold true. We have all been there, those conversations in our heads (during classes)….”Well I can’t stop if he didn’t or she didn’t!” Anything to keep us motivated right!??? On the flip side working out in numbers doesn’t have its benefits…..the instructor can only watch so many people at a time. You ever look around and wonder if the instructor sees some of the people you are in class with? They don’t look like they know what they are doing or what exercise you are even on, they look like they are going to get severely injured! Boot camps are definitely a great form of exercise and it’s better than not getting to the gym at all but the fact is that the benefits of a well educated personal trainer should never be compared to group classes. Ask me why……

Funny you should ask! Personal trainers are committed to you from the start. Their motivation is to whoop you into shape and help you reach your goals. They start by giving you a fitness test, taking body composition measurements (which I’m pretty sure you don’t get in boot camp classes) and asking you your specific goals. For example, how much weight you would like to lose or are you getting ready for a competition/race? Whatever the goal is they are committed to helping you get there! After understanding your goals and your current fitness levels, they then spend hours programming your workouts and helping you with nutrition. From how many times a week you should be training to what you should and shouldn’t be eating. They focus on the exercises and muscles groups that need strengthening which also improve overall posture. During workouts trainers will focus only on you and your form, making sure exercises are executed correctly specifically to maximize the benefits of that movement but also to prevent injuries from occurring. Personal trainers aim to keep workouts interesting with a variety of fun exercises, keeping the client far away from being bored! Changing the workouts is also crucial for the best results. We want to make sure your body is constantly shocked and that muscles are able to adapt to the demands placed on the body. Strengthening the body will also help you progress to new types of fitness exercises, more weight on the exercises you have already mastered and take you to places you never thought your body was capable of. That’s the beauty in fitness, breaking through walls and pushing boundaries. With the help and motivation of your trainer you push your body mentally, emotionally and physically!

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