Holiday Eating…NOT a Free Pass!

The holidays are a wonderful time to get together with family, take time off from work, relax and are typically a lot of fun. However, it can be super stressful too. Trying to balance out how we are going to manage our diets and still enjoy the holiday? Is this even possible? It’s especially stressful when you are a guest because you usually feel obligated to eat or try everything! We tell ourselves that they worked really hard on the meals…..soooo we should try it. What’s the best way to eat and enjoy the holiday without becoming too stressed out? Keep reading….just a few tips on how to accomplish this.

First, don’t starve yourself that morning. Most people wake up and eat light because they know a big meal is coming. They want to save up all the calories they can! Well this is starvation (even for a short period of time), and your metabolism doesn’t like this. I would refrain from doing this; keep to your normal eating schedule (well as much as you can) because going into a meal (with foods that will certainly be tempting) with a stomach that is screaming give me food is not going to be a good situation. I think I can say most people make poor food choices when they are starving. At this point of hunger you just want anything to relieve that nasty feeling, even and most often it’s a bad food. Eating throughout the day before a holiday meal will keep you satisfied, your metabolism happy and you will be less likely to have cravings from starvation.

Go into the meal with a plan of action- allow yourself to enjoy the meal but within reason. Portion control is key here, trying foods and eating 4 servings of food are two different things. Make an appropriately sized meal on your plate and eat it slowly. Eating SLOWLY will allow your brain and stomach to communicate (as this takes 20 minutes). So the slower you eat, well the less you will eat! If this is hard for you to do (for me it seems absolutely impossible) then do other things to make you eat slower. You can drink water, chew better (helps to enjoy the taste), or start up a conversation and only take bites in between speaking.

Sometimes it feels as though a game is going on in your head, the more you tell yourself you can’t eat something well the more you want it. Don’t go into this meal with such a strict or regimented way of thinking. Go in with a positive attitude and not so particularly hard on yourself. You can try foods and enjoy the taste without making yourself feel terrible for eating it. However, playing devils advocate here – just because most people go into holidays thinking they can gorge because it is a holiday (how many times have we heard that!) does not mean that you should follow this behavior. Temptation is going to occur! There are going to be plates filled with starches and sugar, BUT just because it is starring at you doesn’t mean you have to pick it up! Stick to your plan, this is where it is most important for your brain to be on repeat. “I can eat that, I just don’t want too”.

It is a holiday and we like to enjoy these days with our loved ones whether it be family, friends or both. You are allowed to enjoy these meals all we ask is that you don’t over indulge. You can certainly try different foods but remember how awful you feel when you over satiate yourself with food. I think we can all agree that overeating makes us feel tired, bloated, nauseous, irritable, and lastly, disappointed in ourselves. Eating less will keep our energy up. When we wake up the next morning we’ll be proud of ourselves and not regretful. Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice and going a little astray on a holiday doesn’t take away from all the hard work you have done to keep it that way.


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