Friend or Foe?

We’ve all worked out with a friend before.  Its Saturday morning and you get the phone call “Hey, do you want to go to the gym together this morning?”  More often than not you say yes as its always more fun to workout with a friend…..right.  But the question you have to ask yourself is, is this the best decision for getting the most out of your workout and reaching your fitness goals? While working out with a friend can certainly be a fun and enjoyable bonding experience it may not be the most effective way of maximizing your own potential in the gym.

There are many benefits to working out with a friend.  First they can provide you a great deal of motivation, essentially acting as your support system.  Having a friend by your side to push you beyond your limits can be one of the single greatest benefits.  It can be hard to self motivate, especially on those tired days and having a friend there for you can really help.  Another benefit to working out with a friend is having someone there that can hold you accountable.  When you work out by yourself it can really be hard to hold yourself accountable so having a friend by your side is a good way to solve that problem.

Getting to the gym is tough for most so having a friend present there with you makes for a more fun social experience. You experience the breakthroughs together, testing and reaching new limits in the gym. You can push one another and create a really comfortable atmosphere together. Some people don’t like going to the gym and trying new equipment or exercises alone because it’s unfamiliar to them and having a wing man definitely can help with this. You can benefit from one another and maybe teach one another new exercises to do in the future. Another benefit is having someone there to watch you, motivate you and maybe even spot you (if necessary).

Working out with a friend does however have its drawbacks.  A downfall to working out with a friend is that it can be a distraction to your workout. If they are a bit more talkative than you then you may end up having better a conversation rather than a work out together. This is important to regulate so that you both stay motivated within a workout. It also can be difficult to work out with a friend if you don’t have the same fitness goals or current fitness levels for that matter. If your fitness goals aren’t the same then you may want to be doing different exercises than one another.

Working with a trainer can be more beneficial than a friend. While working out with a friend does have benefits, working with a trainer has the benefit of focusing on you and you only! There will be no issues in spending too much time socializing or what exercises to do because they will arrange the session custom made for you and your current fitness levels and goals.

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