From Crossfit to Pilates…..

I started doing Crossfit a few years ago and I ended up having a natural ability at it, thus making my transition from my living room (doing P90x) very easy! I got right into it, was going all the time – pretty much obsessed! I stayed steady with it for about a year and a half, maybe a little longer. I enjoyed the competitive edge, pushing myself to limits I didn’t even know existed, seeing my strength soar. I spent some time focusing on learning the movements, and enjoying the experience it had to offer. After a few months I progressed to a level where I felt I could compete in a competition. I was competing with a team and it was an awesome experience and I’m truly thankful for it.

Unfortunately, I started noticing after months and months of hard work and invested money I wasn’t particularly happy with the results I was getting from the workout. I felt like I wasn’t recovering well and I was constantly sore. I wasn’t fitting into my clothes and this really upset me. I was extremely frustrated I was working so hard and not getting the results I wanted. After learning what I have at the National Personal Training Institute I realized why this was so. We all have a different genetic makeup and different muscle fiber types and doing particular workouts can enhance these types. That is exactly what happened to me when I was doing Crossfit. I was tearing the muscles so frequently from the demands I was placing on my body that my muscles were growing back thicker and stronger. I didn’t want to be thicker and it reached a point where I had to come to a bittersweet decision. I didn’t want to quit, I enjoyed it a lot but I knew that it was becoming too much for me. That’s when I made the decision to change workout routines. I looked at many different gyms and stumbled upon Equinox.

Joining Equinox truly changed my life for the better. I immersed myself in every group fitness class they had to offer, trying to learn new things. This is where I felt like I truly became an all around athlete. I became extremely good at Yoga, Pilates, boot camp endurance classes, spinning and more. I enjoyed being a diversified gym goer. I noticed that doing Pilates, Yoga and the Bar Method I was becoming leaner and learned how to lengthen my muscles rather than shorten them as I was doing in Crossfit. I was learning what was working for MY body and I enjoyed how I was looking and feeling. This balanced routine of fitness is what really pushed me to become a trainer. I loved every facet of fitness and learning all these different exercises.

For me, I find Pilates just as challenging as Crossfit just in a different way. These two workouts are very different but I feel my core strength has improved with Pilates ten fold. The movements are controlled and focused on stability and core strength. It reminds me of a time when I used to do gymnastics and that’s why I inherently love it. It’s not a cardio based workout but it does take muscle endurance to perform these exercises. I’m able to do movements I never thought I could, I’ve put my body under less stress and have taken care of my joints and muscles. I’ve become so pleased with the results from this workout, not only have I become leaner but my muscle strength and posture has improved. The point is that there are a lot of ways a person can workout and the only way you will ever know what’s right for you is to put 100% into a few different methods and see how your body responds.

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