What’s on my fork?

The most frequently asked question I have been getting lately is “What do you eat?” So, I’m happy to share with you some of my very favorite (and very clean) meal ideas along with some recipes.  Please know, these are just some ideas and my goal is to be able help add more clean variety to your meals. I am lucky that I don’t have any food allergies or sensitivities. Sometimes I find myself eating the same lunch a few days out of the week or make the same snack 2 weeks in a row, which is not ideal, but I am human and have been on the on-the-go routine this past month…or past two months…The good news is that I recognize the need for variety and change it up immediately.

Please know that we all have our own, individual needs in terms of a lifestyle. Vegetarian diet may work for me, but not for you. Paleo may work for you, but not for me. I have not experimented with every “diet” out there (I really don’t like that word!!), but you can say I follow a Paleo-like diet (I do eat grains and legumes). I also want to stress that I am not looking to lose weight. I have been on the mission to become leaner and gain more muscle (particularly in my thigh area). But these are my goals. Please keep in mind, whatever your goal may be, your eating habits may have to be altered. One thing all of should be avoiding at all costs are refined foods, trans fats and sugar!!! The nuts and bolts of my plate include tons of veggies, a variety fruits, lean protein (little red meat, chicken in moderation, and lots of fish), healthy fats, and some whole grains.


1. Egg muffins: http://www.eatcleandiet.com/the_kitchen_table/recipe/recipe.aspx?id=1526

I add kale and red onion to the mix. I also only use black pepper (a lot of it!) and some garlic powder.

2. Superfood protein shake (courtesy of Mark Hyman, M.D.): Hemp seeds, chia seeds, almond butter, coconut oil, frozen wild blueberries, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, ½ banana and almond milk.

3. “Protein” pancake (no protein powder required):

1/2 cup organic dry old fashion rolled oats
1/3  cup egg whites
¼ – ½  cup sliced strawberries chopped
cinnamon (I love cinnamon and it’s great for you!)
1 tsp ground flaxseed
1 Tbsp almond milk

Put all ingredients in a blender…it will be pancake consistency. Spray pan with coconut oil and pour like you’re making a pancake. Cook, and enjoy with fresh berries on top.

*Glass of water with (and before) breakfast.


1. Kale salad with home-made avocado dressing (or balsamic), red onion, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, hemp seeds topped with lean protein of choice.

2. LEFT-OVERS! I’m a huge fan of packing lunch from leftovers. Whatever you are cooking for dinner, make extra so you have lunch for the next day!

3. Grilled fish or chicken (be careful what you use for marinade – make your own!) with asparagus, mushrooms and half of a sweet potato.

4. Quinoa is “controversial” amongst Paleo-ites, but it works for me, and I love it. I throw it on salads, eat it is a side, or make a salad out of it! I have so many quinoa recipes!


1. FISH! I love to cook (WILD) fish, and it’s so easy, try not to be intimidated…filet of sole, salmon, scallops, halibut, tilapia. We’ll bake or grill now that it’s grilling season! Again, I know it seems like a trend, but we’ll eat loads of veggies (eat a rainbow!). We do not sauté the veggies, but either parboil or lightly grill (oh so yummy). Summer squash, yellow onion, peppers, mushrooms and asparagus are usually the culprits in the mix.

2. Here’s a mouthwatering recipe I’m looking to try next week:

Shrimp and avocado chopped salad with cilantro lime vinaigrette

1/4 cup lime juice
1 teaspoon lime zest
2 teaspoons spicy brown mustard (all natural folks!)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon soy sauce (ayy, I’d like a replacement for this, we’ll see!)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Whisk all ingredients together and set aside for flavors to blend.

1/4 cup diced cilantro (Mike won’t like this, I will leave out)

2 ripe avocados
1 ripe tomato
2 green onions, thinly sliced

Chop avocados and tomato into small pieces. Strain vinaigrette to remove lime zest. Stir in cilantro (I will think of something else to add). Toss all vegetables and vinaigrette together.

Brush large uncooked shrimp with olive oil or coconut oil and smoked paprika. Grill until cooked through. Serve on top of avocado chopped salad. OMG!

3. I will also make a garlic roasted butternut squash and kale wheatberry salad with pomegranate for Father’s day as a side dish…I’ll share the recipe once I’ve tested the water!


1. Make-your-own trail mix: Dark chocolate (at least 75% or higher cacao) or some carob chips mixed with macadamia nuts/almonds, walnuts goji berries, ground flax. The trail mix you can buy is loaded with salt and sugar – stay away!

2. Sunflower seeds, mixed raw nutsand a piece of fruit (make it berries!! Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries)

3. Raw veggies (whatever I didn’t eat with lunch/breakfast) with home-made guacamole.

4. Cinnamon raison Ezekial bread toasted with almond butter or sunflower seed butter and a piece of fruit.


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