Staying On Track This Summer!

I am currently in the car driving to South Carolina, shouldn’t take too long right? I think it’s only 15 hours or so. Aside from the destination the reason I’m referencing my upcoming vacation is because this is the time of year so many of us take vacations. The question is how do we maintain our fitness levels and keep ourselves healthy while removed from our most comfortable environments? Trying to find the time and more importantly the motivation to work out on your vacation is a challenge. Then there is the temptation to break your healthy eating habits and over indulge. How many times have you said or heard, “Well I’m on vacation, I can eat this or that…..” I’m not preaching that you can’t break your own rules every now and then but sometimes vacations can be a turning point for some people, you break both habits so badly that when you get home you have an extremely hard time getting back into your normal regimes. It’s hard to jump start the right eating habits again and finding the motivation to get back into the gym.  So while I’m in South Carolina I do plan on working out. I figure while I’m not spending my days working so I have plenty of time to go for a jog or do some body weight exercises where I’m staying. There are ways to keep some regularity to my life while on vacation so I’m bringing my life style with me! Taking an hour of my “vacation” day is certainly not a big deal if I’m going to feel great . For all the times we have all gone to the gym I’m sure you can figure out a work out to keep yourself in a healthy pattern. Think of all the different kinds of exercises you can do: mountain climbers, push –ups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, planks or sit ups just to name a few. How bad does it feel when you get back from a vacation where you have completely stopped working out, ate unhealthy and broke the strict routine you were on? Why does it have to be that way? It doesn’t! Your body detrains extremely fast and it’s best to continue the workout routines while on vacation instead of having to work harder when you get home, just trying to get yourself at the level you were before you went away!! If you are staying at a friend’s place, hotel, cruise ship or even camping, you can still work out. All you need is yourself and your will. If you find that you cannot motivate yourself well try another avenue. Maybe ask the people you are spending your vacation with if they would like to join. Or maybe check out some local gyms and see if they offer classes similar to the ones you enjoy. It’s very easy in life to make excuses and be lazy. It takes inner strength and motivation to keep you on track. Like Carozza Fitness says, “Motivation is what gets you there; habit is what keeps you going”. You don’t have to work out every single day you are on vacation but aim for 3 or 4 times if you are away for a week. Life is about balance and it is important for you to enjoy yourself on vacation as well. Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July. I’m looking forward to getting away and getting some much needed relaxation.

Remember…..NO EXCUSES, JUST RESULTS. -Marysa Fiorita

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