Time Flys BY!

Something I’ve been thinking about recently is time… I’m about to start my Junior year, and all I’ve thought about since Finals ended my Sophomore year is: Where did the time go?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was a little Middle Schooler, so innocent and young. And here, I am, about to be an upperclassman. How crazy is that?

So time has been on my mind. Not just long stretches of time, like the time between my sixth grade yearbook and my tenth grade yearbook, but the short amount of time, like the time it takes me to walk my dog.

Time seems to have gotten warped as I’ve grown up. A minute used to seem like no time at all. “Just wait a minute” really meant just wait a second. But now, as I do planks or AMRAPs of burpees, a minute could feel like a year or a millennia. In a basketball game, a minute is enough time to score ten points, or win a championship game. When you’re running a while, seven minutes can feel like a marathon. While taking the SATs, a minute is time that cannot be wasted. It’s time you could use to figure out the answer to a math problem, or fix up your thesis statement.

So I guess time becomes more precious as you grow older. It’s like money. The more you have, the more things you can get done. The less you have, the more stressed you feel. But, the more you have, the more you can waste it. Now, going into my Junior year, I realize that every second counts.

So the next time I have to hold a wall sit or row for two minutes, and it feels like a year, I realize that its because time becomes more precious as you get older. A second is enlarged, probably not scientifically but to me that’s what it feels like, so that everything you do is valuable.

Time really does fly. While it may not seem like that during a workout, it sure will feel like it in ten years, when you look back and wonder how you were able to bend that way to even lift that weight.

-Jamie K

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