NuRide and its CEO Rick Steele named by Bloomberg Businessweek as a top “social entrepreneur.”

NuRide, the ride-sharing arrangement service which works with the Connecticut Department of Transportation to offer rewards to commuters who carpool, vanpool, bicycle or ride the rails has been recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek for being a socially responsible business.

The service has enrolled approximately 10,642 Connecticut members as of May 2010, who combined contribution represents almost 7 million vehicle miles eliminated from state roads since 2006.

NuRide, which has established programs in six U.S. markets also plays a leading role in the Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Joseph Marie’s Earth Day Challenge, a competition in which companies try to encourage employees to use mass transit and car pool to work.

The article about NuRide’s recognition can be read here.

Those interested in the contest can vote for which company creates to most social value through June 25.