Connecticut Rail Council endorses commuter related legislation

The CT Metro-North Rail Commuter Council voted last week to back  a number of pro-commuter proposals being mulled by the Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee.

Among the proposals being supported by the 14 member appointed watch dog group are:

Senate Bill 469, which calls for the inclusion of a Connecticut representative on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board.

Senate Bill 472 which would expand funding for an expansion of parking at commuter rail stations.

House Bill 5301, House Bill 5128, House Bill 5122, and Senate Bill 627, four proposals that would statutorily prevent the state from diverting earmarked revenue  for road, railway and other transit needs out of the Special Transportation Fund for general government uses.

House Bill 5449 which would expand the scope of the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council to include riders on the New Haven Springfield Line which is projected to start service in 2016.

The group is encouraging constituents and riders with opinions on the bills to submit their testimony to

To submit testimony on any of these bills by e-mail, to Kess Quinn at or to the council at

“We encourage commuters to contact their State Representative and State Senator and ask them to support these bills,” said Cameron.

The Connecticut Commuter Rail Council members are Metro-North and Shore Line East commuters who serve as advocates for fellow riders on service and other issues connected to Metro-North rail service. The body meets monthly throughout the year with Metro-North and Connecticut Department of Transportation officials in public to air concerns and appears before state and regional boards and commissions to advance the cause of affordable and reliable rail service.

For more information visit the Council’s Web-site, here.