Potential bar car elimination motivates readership feedback

Our story and poll about the fate of the bar cars on the Metro-North yielded a number of reader opinions:


Being bar car-less = #ConnecticutCommuterNightmare. — Preppy Prof, via Twitter

Problem is [with buying drinks from the carts instead of the bar car], you are then sitting in a quiet car with your buddy and a beer and no one wants you to even speak. — Just_looking, via stamfordadvocate.com

The bar car puts humanity back into commuting. Instead of ignoring people and reading an iPad you connect w others! — Krayish, via Twitter

like the occasional beverage on the train once in a while. Makes no difference to me if they make bar cars for the new trains, just as long as they dont abolish alcohol altogether. What i can do without is the loud corporate idiots. They really suck. -beedyeyz, via stamfordadvocate.com.


Turn them into cafes. —  MC, via 411

If they get rid of these I’m done. — Immodium Abuser, via Facebook


You can see the poll results here.