NTSB issues order for cameras and speed limit signs on Metro-North Railroad

Derailment 120113

The agency is currently investigating four incidents on Metro-North railroad, but the recommendations arise from the December 1 derailment of a train on a sharp curve near Spuyten Duyvil that killed four people and injured 59 others in which excessive speed has been identified as a factor.

In that crash, the NTSB found that the train was going 82 miles per hour entering the curve where the speed limit was 30, with William Rockefeller, the engineer driving the train told investigators he went into a daze in the moments before the train left the rails.

The recommendations call for approach permanent speed limit signs in advance of areas where speed limits drop by 20 miles per hour or more, and the cameras on all locomotives on Metro-North Railroad.

The recommendations also call for the installation of inward and outward facing cameras in all cab locomotive equipment to monitor engineers and capture events that can assist investigators in the case of accidents.

“The images and audio captured by recorders can be invaluable to our investigators,” said NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman. “Understanding what is happening inside the cab just prior to a crash can provide crucial information about how to prevent future accidents.”