After scrutinizing Canadian disaster FRA pursuing ban on one man crews for crude oil transport by rail

meganticemotions                   Some of the devastation in the wake of the derailment and explosion of a 73 car crude oil train in Lac-Megantic in Quebec last July.  Associated Press photo



The Federal Railroad Administration announced Wednesday its intention to issue a proposed rule banning one-man train crews for trains hauling crude and additional crew size minimums for freight and passenger rail operations.

Additional focus on the question of the safety of one man crews was sparked  by the Lac-Megantic derailment disaster last year in which a 73 car train carrying crude oil derailed and crashed,  exploding tankers, killing 47, and leveling much of the town.

In the wake of that accident it was revealed that Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway, whose 72-car train derailed was one of only two railroads north of the border to operate with one person crews.

The announcement said that the new regulations would include appropriate exceptions but did not describe them.