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I wouldn’t be performing my due diligence as a journalist if I didn’t connect my post to one of the biggest events this week. Yes, I’m talking about Earth Day.

While maybe our thoughts of recycling when it comes to crafts include visions of sticky, used Popsicle sticks and folding gum wrappers (hey, it worked for this girl!), many of the great handmade items I have seen include some sort of “upcycled” component.

At some of the markets I have been to in New York, I’ve seen bracelets made from old records that have been bended and painted, and vintage clothing taken apart and repurposed into funky pieces.

Of course, you don’t have to just buy these things. This site has some great tutorials on things you can make yourselves with normally-discarded, everyday items. Then there are all the things you can create with newspaper — near and dear to my heart, of course — including flowers and bowls.

Happy Earth Day!

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Lisa Chamoff

4 Responses

  1. Lisa Chamoff says:


    For those items, I’d say depending on their condition, donate them to a church, or a thrift shop.

  2. rhea davison says:

    Love you blog’ Where can I recycle leather items like shoes,belts and sneakers in the Stamford area?

  3. Lisa Chamoff says:

    Hi Andrea- Thanks for the reminder! I would love to come, but I have to cover the opening night of Art to the Avenue on Thursday. Will definitely try to make it next month.

  4. Andrea vaz says:

    Hi Lisa

    Just a reminder that we have May’s Creative Craft Club at the Byram Shubert Library this Thursday, May 5 at 6:30pm

    Hope to see you!