Ravellenic glory

My medal.

After the whole Ravelympics kerfuffle, I did end up participating in what was renamed the Ravellenic Games. It seemed like a fun thing to do, and I appreciated the new name — definitely harkens back to the true meaning.

Unlike the gymnasts, swimmers and runners, I decided to commit to one project, the lace-edged Multnomah shawl, named after the county that contains the wonderful city of Portland, Ore. It was a relatively simple project, and while knitters are encouraged to take on a challenge during the Games, I found it challenging to complete a shawl in fingering-weight yarn in a little over two weeks. I cast on during the opening ceremonies, but knitting and checking the comments about the ceremonies on my Twitter feed didn’t mix, because I realized after about 15 rows that my stitch count was off. I tried to undo a few rows, but couldn’t find the mistake so I ended up ripping it out and starting over the next day.

I knit pretty consistently over the next two weeks, watching a little swimming, gymnastics, volleyball and running (including the inspiring accomplishment of Oscar Pistorius). I pushed myself to bind off on Saturday. Though I am not the insanely fast knitter that some other friends are (like Sherri, who finished a sweater, hat and cowl, and probably some other stuff while packing for a move) I was proud of myself for finishing in time. Participating in my first Rav Games was also really fun, and definitely got me into the Olympic spirit. And that was exactly the point.

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Lisa Chamoff

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