Improving Resiliency….Bouncing Back With Humor

Recently I attended a meeting in LA at a time when those buttons were introduced from Staples that, when pushed, say “THAT WAS EASY!“ It was novel the first day, 3 days later I heard “THAT WAS EASY”

Ushering in 2013…a new you?

With the dropping of the ball in Times Square, NY, fireworks and celebrations around the globe, individual traditions and resolutions (or NOT), we usher in 2013. I recently saw a great quote by Brad

Set One Point of Focus

Set One Point Of Focus After a holiday weekend filled with activities and R&R, I found myself racing off to Monday morning Yoga. And so it launched…. Sun salutations, Downward dog, Cobra, Locust,

The Olympics and YOU!

Goals keep us focused; are you taking steps to achieve the targets that are important to you? Speaking of goals, It’s fun every now and then to digress and imagine achieving aims that may be different

The Messages of Chronic Lateness

The Messages Of Chronic Lateness Have you ever considered this Leo Kennedy quote “The surest way to be late is to have plenty of time.” Most of us have probably experienced this phenomenon from one or

Imagination and Focus…Make time for both

Imagination and Focus…Make Time for Both Everyone needs time to dream, be outrageous and allow creativity to flow. As well, we need time to get busy, productive and accomplish necessary tasks. As

Laughing Matters …

Could you use a laugh?  April is national Humor Month and according to chief jester,  Joel Goodman, Director of the HUMOR PROJECT, located in Saratoga Springs, NY,  everyone should get more smileage

For Everything there is a reason

FOR EVERYTHING THERE IS A REASON Earlier this month I was traveling by train after a tough day at the office.  I noticed a folded paper tucked beside my seat which clearly wasn’t mine. The note card