The Olympics and YOU!

Goals keep us focused; are you taking steps to achieve the targets that are important to you? Speaking of goals, It’s fun every now and then to digress and imagine achieving aims that may be different from everyday reality. This question is one such exercise.
Now that Olympic competition is approaching the finals, athletes from around the globe race, dive, shoot, row, run, perform, balance, hurl and display every other human contortion one can imagine. Now it’s your turn. Place yourself on the world stage. You’re guaranteed a medal so if you could participate in one event, what would it be? And WHY?
Imagine what people in your life would choose and what their reasons might be. See how well you can second guess your inner circle.
Have fun and CONGRATULATIONS on your gold medal ceremony!
Now, back to reality. Given all the inspiration provided by Olympic athletes, who has inspired you and how might it lead you to stay on course with your current goals?