Set One Point of Focus

Set One Point Of Focus

After a holiday weekend filled with activities and R&R, I found myself racing off to Monday morning Yoga. And so it launched…. Sun salutations, Downward dog, Cobra, Locust, Fish, Plough, Shoulder Stand, Spinal Twist, total body rest…finally the traditional Namaste. At one point our instructor mentioned the words “set one point of focus.” From a brief visual scan of my fellow yoga practitioners, it seemed that everyone heard those words with different meanings although no thoughts were shared…until later. Afterwards, in conversation, several interpretations were disclosed. First was the Yoga intention, then replies ranged from “complete building and decorating that birdhouse by myself,” “write an overdue letter to a friend,” “finish weeding the garden by tonight,” “prepare a special meal this evening,” and on the list went.
Here’s the point. We often “do” for others all day and place ourselves last at the end of our own to do list…many times too tired to accomplish anything for ourselves. As the flight attendant says regularly, “put your own mask on first and then help others around you who need assistance.“ There’s a reason for that advice. Once you’re taken care of, you can be there for others more fully and consciously. We’ll rarely accomplish even a fraction of what we are wholly capable of doing. Why? In spite of well intentioned advice, we’re often too busy to Set One Point of Focus for ourselves.
What would it look like if you…Set One Point Of Focus for today? And, what will it take to achieve that result?
As always, we value hearing your ideas. Write to us and let us know something that you’re doing for yourself today, tomorrow, and for the entire month.