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The Grass Is Greener…Do your research first!

The Grass May Be Greener….Do your research first! A couple requests were sent by readers inquiring about green industries and green technology. What are green jobs and how can one prepare for a career

Why Bother Setting Goals?

Setting goals in your job search is important for many reasons and moreso today with so many people out of work. The competition is more qualified and the general level of preparation has risen to new

Getting Your Point Across…Quickly!

Do you find yourself in situations where you want to be knowledgeable, succinct, and confident all at the same time? Here’s a simple proven technique you can use based on the STAR concept. It’s made

Improving Resiliency….Bouncing Back With Humor

I was in Los Angeles at a company annual meeting at a time when those red buttons were introduced from Staples that, when pressed, say “THAT WAS EASY!“ It was novel the first day, and then for 3 days

Overcoming potential objections that keep you from the job

Greg got through the first interview and all seemed ”green light.” He thought, “I may be the perfect candidate for this job!” He was asked back to meet more senior employees, and here he was

Responding to Difficult Situations At Work

Have you ever talked about someone and then realized they were in the adjacent cubicle and heard every word you said?  Or, have you ever spoke inappropriately at a meeting?  It happens to everyone at

Informational Interview

Note from Joyce:   A  reader asked “How do you find out about a potential job environment when you don’t know anyone who works there?”  That’s a time to tap your network, find someone who knows

Making Time to Play

Have you ever thought “I don’t have time to play?”  “I want more free time, but…!”  Think again.  Dr. Christine Moll, leisure expert, shares facts that may wash those doubts away. “Play is as

Home Safety Check: Is Your Home Safe and Sound?

With all the concern this winter about home safety, a reader asked a general question about what to look for regarding home safety.  Rather than answering privately, here are some tips for all to

How Do YOU Learn Best?

  Ever thought about your learning style?  We all have unique ways to learn, yet rarely do we stop to consider the type of learner we are, how we best learn and how we might use that knowledge in the