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Informational Interview

Note from Joyce:   A  reader asked “How do you find out about a potential job environment when you don’t know anyone who works there?”  That’s a time to tap your network, find someone who knows someone who does work there and go on an informational interview.  Here are some tips to make that happen and […] [Read More]

Making Time to Play

Have you ever thought “I don’t have time to play?”  “I want more free time, but…!”  Think again.  Dr. Christine Moll, leisure expert, shares facts that may wash those doubts away. “Play is as important to a person’s health as keeping cholesterol levels in check, flossing teeth, washing hands often daily and getting regular exercise.”  […] [Read More]

Home Safety Check: Is Your Home Safe and Sound?

With all the concern this winter about home safety, a reader asked a general question about what to look for regarding home safety.  Rather than answering privately, here are some tips for all to consider.  Take a quick tour of your home and see how you fare. First consider the stats: The National Safety Council […] [Read More]

How Do YOU Learn Best?

  Ever thought about your learning style?  We all have unique ways to learn, yet rarely do we stop to consider the type of learner we are, how we best learn and how we might use that knowledge in the future.  What’s your hunch about how you learn most easily?  Some of us learn better […] [Read More]
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The Powerful Impact of Money Messages

  “In all realms of life, it takes courage to stretch your limits and fulfill your potential; it’s no different in the financial realm.  In a buy-now consume-now culture like ours, it takes courage to make decisions today that may make us rich tomorrow.  It takes courage to face up to facts of old age and […] [Read More]

Relationships…The Tie That Binds

  Note from Joyce:  You’ve celebrated and renewed for 2011.  Now it’s time to put your good intentions to action!  Over the coming weeks, we’ll continue delving into many life dimensions with a new topic each week where you can consider the topic, answer questions pertinent to you and take appropriate action where feasible.  Let’s […] [Read More]

A Fresh Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

  People tend to make the same New Year’s Resolutions year and after.  The top dozen in many polls include:  Go back to school, Lose weight, Make a career move, Get a better job in my field, Get in shape, Make a difference, Take a vacation, Quit smoking, Reduce debt and Save more money, Get […] [Read More]


Note from Joyce:  This week’s blog focuses on LEISURE and PLAY. Ask yourself essential questions related to the topic, scan valuable facts to know and try out the related activity.  As always, if a question or concern is sparked for you, send us a comment and we’ll print your reply or send you a private […] [Read More]