Another fatal accident in Shelton

State police are investigating a fatal accident this morning on Route 8 southbound near exit 12 in Shelton. One person, from Bridgeport, died in the single-car accident. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
The accident wasn’t witnessed, so it’s not sure what time it happened. A person driving by the scene sometime before 9 a.m. reported the accident to police.
The grey Subaru has just been removed from the scene and state police from Troop I in Bethany are apparently on their way to notify the deceased’s next of kin.
Today’s accident didn’t happen too far from a double fatal accident Friday night off Route 8 at exit 13 that killed two teenagers, one from Shelton, the other from Stratford.
Friends have been at that accident scene setting up a memorial to the two who died.
We will post more details on both accidents as they become available.

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Anne Amato

3 Responses

  1. Dave P says:

    Halloween day my wife and I found a car in the woods/brush between rt 8 and exit 13 ramp north bound. Smashed up very badly,airbags deployed. Looked like it was there for a week or more.Probably stolen no person in side.Trooper said he thought it was there a few days. State should clear brush along the highway.

  2. Tman says:

    I know that this is another terrible accident and I hope the best for the families…but am the only one who is getting tired of seeing all these roadside shrines built for the departed ?

  3. Shelton resident says:

    Where is the police presence on Route 8? People speed on that road ALL THE TIME. We need police presence to stop people from doing 80 miles an hour while weaving in and out of lanes like no one else is on the road but themselves. SPEEDERS NEED TO GROW SOME PATIENCE AND SLOW DOWN TO THE SPEED LIMIT. They are in a rush to get nowhere and could care less about anyone else on the road. Half the time they end up killing themselves. CAN WE PLEASE GET MORE POLICE PRESENCE ON ROUTE 8 TO STOP THE SPEEDING?