Note to Chase Bank: Puerto Rico is part of U.S.

A customer representative for Chase Bank Monday said the bank charges a 3 percent conversion fee for any purchases made in Puerto Rico with either a Chase credit card or debit card. She said the fee is for converting the purchases to U.S. dollars.

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Daniel Tepfer

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  1. Marie says:

    Geez, I wish I’d seen this back in 2009!

    The first thing I’d like to address is the ignorance on Chase Bank to their conversion of USD to USD…no wonder they are no longer in Puerto Rico!

    My second concern is the comments of ignorance on the status of Puerto Rico as a US Territory/Commonwealth Does that make Puerto Rican lesser…there is also a state within the USA that is a commonwealth just like Puerto Rico? Does Chase charge them that 3% conversion charge???

    Lastly, did and don’t Puerto Rican soldiers lose their lifes for USA liberty in every single war that the USA has fought? Statistic say more Puerto Rican’s have served in the Armed Forced than white Americans. I would think that constitutes Puerto Rico deserving the same benefits the continental US receives!

  2. clint ryberg says:

    I am a Californian looking to move to PR. I love it there. The people always smile and are happy people. America should be proud to be so well represented in the Caribbean. For you people who are talking trash, you probably have never left your own state. Believe me, California is much different from the rest of the country. And remember, Mexico once owned California and now we try to keep them out.

  3. Carmen E says:

    We are a US Territory and residents became US Citizens in 1917 since then, we are US Citizens, we use US dollars we have US state and federal laws* We pay taxes ** We speak SPANISH & ENGLISH. PUERTO RICO BECAME A US TERRITORY FOLLOWING THE Spanish-American war in 1898. It has been a US Commonwealth.

  4. Lourdes says:

    Ok, Bob there you have it! A complimentary flash Puerto Rico-History 101 to enrich your knowledge has been provided to you by some of my fellow puertorricans. Well, just so you know that’s part of our hospitality Bob! Any more comments about Puerto Rico, Bob?

    Oh and by the way, whether or not we should or should not be a state, as you can see, WE, PUERTORRICANS, are apt to decide it.

    Blessings to you.

  5. min says:

    BTW, the 3% conversion charge by Chase is just another desperate measure of these times, it is laughable. Conversion charge for converting USD to USD? It shouldn’t last long.

  6. min says:

    I live in PR and pay federal taxes. Do your research people. Comments about PR not being American in my experience always come from immigrants who like to play an ‘I’m more American than you’ pissing contest. It happened with a filipino ex-boyfriend (thank God), hah you know those people who have to memorize facts and the anthem and take a citizenship test, and then they try to put down other people to satisfy their inferiority complexes. I didn’t have to take a citizenship test because I am a native American, from Puerto Rico. I love my country :) It is helped by some ignorant Puerto Ricans who like to pander to a weak ‘nationalism’ anti-American sentiment.

    Most PRs want full statehood, like we deserve, most PR live in the mainland, and then those who have chosen statehood by moving to the mainland cannot vote in referendums asking for statehood. In those referendums, the pro-ELA band together with the weak 4% independence movement (smaller than Texas’ secesion movement :) ) and they always end up outnumbering the pro-statehooders by a small percent, hence it’s seen as if we don’t want statehood, when already over half of the population have chosen statehood by moving to the mainland. I pay federal taxes even when I live in PR. Things are not black and white and do not think PR just ‘get benefits’ and does not give anything in return, many people here pay federal taxes, and cannot vote unless they have a mainland address and choose the absentee ballot.

    I’m from PR and American as apple pie, deal with it. We are the Americans on steroids, the Americanest of them all, the fattest, the ones with the most Walmarts per square foot and the most cars per household/square mile. America, fuck yeah :)

    We came from the incomparable Spanish Empire and now belong to the American Empire, we speak English and Spanish, we are the double Imperialists :) LIfe is good when you have owned the world for so long!

  7. Mariannela says:

    Lets set the record straight. Puerto Rico became part of the USA during the 1898 Spanish-American War. In 1917 all Puertoricans became US citizens when president Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones Act. Puerto Rico became a commonwealth in 1952. Puertoricans are US citizens but those living in the island can’t vote for the president of the United States. However, the US military as well as the US dollar prevails in the island. Puerto Rican residents do not pay federal taxes but they pay their fair share of taxes as local taxes are extremely high. Puerto Rico does get financial help from the US but it would be better off if it would be a state. The majority of the population lives below the US poverty level, and the infrastructure is in dire need of repair. As a state, Puerto Rico will receive much more financial help and many Puerto Ricans will benefit. Most important, with its population size it would have 6 seats in the House and 2 seats in the Senate and it would command more power in Congress than much bigger states.

  8. Love to see Puerto Rico become a state. Luv it.

  9. Nelson PC says:

    What about the Puertorricans MIA and KIA in Vietnan, Korea(?), Afganistan, Irak and all the other places where they fight for America? Do you think that is fair enough for the assistence Puerto Rico receives from United States? I am not from Puerto Rico, I am from Dominican Republic but WHAT IS FAIR IS FAIR…

    Be HAPPY,

    Nelson PC

  10. Joel Gonzalez says:

    When Pedro Albizu Campos fought for Puerto Rican independence this is what happened to him:

    Now Americans complain about U.S. assistance to P.R. The United States of America could never pay for what Pedro Albizu Campos and many other Puerto Ricans had to endure–for and by America.

  11. Joselito Puerto Rico says:

    My fellow Americans…we all are Americans. Puerto Rico is a nice place, full of culture, history, family values envied by some. Come down, join us, and learn why we are called “The Island of Enchantment”. You are going to feel like you have never felt before. The Music, the places you can go to, and the hospitality that lives in every one of us, will make your stay one of enchantment and enlightenment. Take the time to learn about a place that had no choice but to comply with history, and then found themselves having to take matters into their own hands. To know us, is to Love us!!!

  12. Brad Cruz says:

    I feel bad for the ignorant people that just want to make negative comments of us Puerto Ricans. Because of that ignorant side of people the world is how it is… (negative). Yo soy Boricua y Con orgullo y tambien Amo a los Estados Unidos. My dad is Puerto Rican and my mom is White, but i was born in Mayaguez Puerto Rico. the example of my parents of being in love and race dont matter, is the example people should take.

    For the love of God… stop being so ignorate and dont attack other races if you dont read and study before you talk.

  13. Raul DJ says:

    Hey Teresa, well said! eso es asi! jaja

  14. Teresa says:

    Mr. Bob…don’t know what it is all about but, when someone talks about anything needs to learn about it first…please make a search about SS and Medicare…every person that has a formal employment in PR does pays for SS and Medicare…the issue about statehood does not exhonerates us from having to pay it only that, when in history US took over PR affairs as a battle token, decided that we were to be a commonwealth and now that it is unable to keep it up…people like you make insulting comments without knowing the history background of everything…please study our history since its discovery and learn more that we, Puerto Rico people are Americans because we belong to the American continents…two of them North and South. Furthermore, look into many of the US science, medical, and other achievements and you will find that a puertorrican is involved with the develoment of it, not to take all the credit but in many are the head of the research and/or study…so please open up your mind, come out of the cocoon and look over politics and learn to appretiate others in the world.

  15. Raul DJ says:

    Hey Bob, The difference is the people running the states. We do pay taxes, the difference is what those taxes are called. Also take another look at who is complaining, its not us.

    Cheers! y Salud!

  16. BOB says:

    If PR is a Commonwealth and Massachusetts is a Commonwealth, then what is the difference? Why does one pay TAXES and one does not? If you want to have a vote and receive SS, Medicare, etc. then join the force or stop complaining.


  17. LoLa says:

    Thats right PR is great. I use to think that us Puerto Ricans have the best of both but lately the US does not feel like the best. Its funny how so many people do not consider them selfs immigrants, when they are not native Americans.

  18. Raul DJ says:

    Hey Bob, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the U.S. Puerto Rico does get assistance from the U.S. but so does half of the world. We do not get any benefits of any kind.

    hey Mobama, It is nice down here, but the employment is terrible. You would think with all the U.S. companies that make their H.Q.’s here the job market would be better but its not. Even the illegal entity “The Dreaded I.R.S” makes their H.Q. here because they cannot exist on the U.S. mainland. Look up and see how many companies make this their H.Q. you will be surprised. they do it to avoid paying taxes that we blue collar workers have to cover so they dont.

    Interesting that you guys took the idea that Chase is ripping people off to bashing Puerto Ricans and telling them to go back home even though that we already are being we too are Americans.

    Maybe you guys should go back to where your forfathers came from since we were here first.
    Or better yet maybe you guys should stop this continuing ugly thing you guys created called racism. And just come down to the island and enjoy yourselves on the beach, get a drink and eat some good food. Either way it is nice down here. You can enjoy it or not, your choice.
    have a great new year!

  19. Mobama says:

    They keep voting statehood down and it seems every other week it’s PR pride day or some such nonsense. If it’s so great there, go back, PLEASE

  20. Would love to have heard the rest of that conversation.

  21. bob says:

    Puerto Rico is a TERRITORY of the U.S. it is not a state and therefore NOT part of the United States. With all the assistance and benefits the U.S. gives Puerto Rico it SHOULD be a state