Bobcat killed on Route 8

Southbound traffic was backed up on Route 8 near exit 13 in Shelton this morning. No surprise, that’s usually the case every weekday morning.Bobcat_04

But what was different was the cause: a bobcat was struck and killed and laying on the side of the road. Naturally brought traffic to crawl as drivers looked at the dead regal beast.

Want more information on bobcats in Connecticut? Click here.

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Jim Shay

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  1. K_Main says:

    I live only yards away from exit 13 and just found out about this bobcat. My dogs probably scared the “cat” out of it as the bobcat tried to run away across route 8. For you folks that think this bobcat would win over a 225lb fit Newfoundland and my two “small” 100lb dogs hehe..
    Whats with all you out there that think animals are more important than people? Oh wait.. you’ve the ones that voted for Obama.. stop drinking the cool-aid!

  2. tessa says:

    please can i use this picture of this bobcat its for educational purposes only my teacher will see this image?

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  6. loverboy says:

    Ah Bob Cat
    A wonderful tantalizing, non gamey tasting delicacy. Although a seasonal dish, many of your finer restaurants in the Fairfield County and Tri State area serve it in the winter period. Mainly because of the versatile ways that it can be prepared, soup, stew and the ever so popular rare on the slab. You may not find it on the menu. Similar to ordering cat from the 3rd world country restaurants. You have to request it.
    So enjoy, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

  7. schwinn 220 says:

    ouch, I’m sorry to hear this. Sometimes as a driver we need to be extra careful.

  8. What a pity! Hope that this accident would not happen again.

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  9. Slim says:

    Seriously? A people stopped to look at a dead bobcat? And then it made the news? … People kill bobcats all the freaking time. On purpose. They’re just like coyotes. This is amazingly stupid.

  10. Southbound traffic was backed up on Route 8 near exit 13 in Shelton this morning. No surprise, that’s usually the case every weekday morning.

  11. this is crazy, never realized it was such a problem.

  12. Why is it that there are people who really are mean to animals. They must bear in mind that animals specially the extinct one are very important to keep us in balance.

  13. aiza@ dental says:

    show respect for animals please!Idaho Falls dentist

  14. dog boots says:

    What a gorgeous photo.

  15. Trevor says:

    well i just made a trip to arizona where i was blessed with the opportunity to harvest a 35 lb bobcat. from nose to base of tail he was 43 inches! its a beautiful cat and will be a wonderful addition to my glorious room of other animals i have been so lucky as to harvest. my point being is that my views as a hunter are far more complex than “kill the damn animals”, and that goes for the majority of hunters. I have a great respect for animals and very much so enjoy hunting and respectfully i understand there are those who feel killing animals is murder. there are many different ways i can “biblically” prove that wrong but the just facts about it are PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS!!! and some of the most close minded people are extreme animal activists. more than 75 percent of funds set forth to protect animals are “in fact” supplied by hunters or developed by hunters! Theodore Roosevelt established most of the national parks in the US and he was a major hunter. so people, learn to quit being close minded and respect your opposite!

  16. Love the photo. But i feel sad for the dead cat.
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  17. Tara says:

    I am a female that moved from the city to the country 5 years ago. I admit that I had the same views as most city folks before moving to the country. However your view change a little when it is your animals or more so your children that are threatened. A couple of years ago we had not a bobcat but a mountain lion killing animals, both pets and livestock including my daughters pygmy goat. They are beautiful creatures however I could not chance an animal that had become brave enough to come to my back porch and kill. Next time it could have been one of my children. I don’t believe in killing for sport but I am okay with killing to protect or to put food on the table. I understand that we have encroached on what was once their territory and still I’m not okay with one of my children becoming their next meal.

  18. Deb says:

    I love animals and live on a farm, so I can admire the beauty of te bobcat and currently have one stalking around not only at night but bravely coming right up to my porch. For those of you who think this is just wonderful – well try and make a living raising chickens and other livestock. Sorry I’m siding with those who hunt them, in fact if I could I woud KILL the #!@ thing myself.

  19. why,why, does it have to die

  20. jim says:

    lol u all are dum i would shot u not them

  21. Hunter says:

    I just killed one last season

  22. Frank says:

    I just missed a bobcat last season. My broadhead shaved a little patch of fur off his belly. I love animals probably more than any of you. I enjoy going out and becoming one with nature and murdering a piece of it and bringing it home to put on the grill to feed my family. I love them best with BBQ sauce. I’m a charter member of PETA (People eating tasty animals).

  23. tangerine says:

    you can’t even spell “ENJOY” properly.

    yeah Louise, I can see that you’re the more intelligent creature here…

  24. carl says:

    OK!My friend, you had me till the animals are brothers! Listen to me! I love animals as much if not more than the next guy. Animals were put here on this earth for our injoyment, that is to look at and admire and just the wonder of them is all it takes for me. But mammal may I be, but not related to the four legged, run around the yard animal. So look,admire,injoy but dont be looking for the possum in your family tree he aint there..

  25. Louise says:

    I don’t understand these posts. From the article it seems the bobcat was killed accidentally, if even killed by a human at all. Why are you all using this to condemn humans? It is sad, certainly, that the bobcat got struck down — but in the web of life, perhaps it was his time to end, and that is how he chose to meet his end. Remember humans are your kin as well, and show some compassion and prayers for those too ignorant to recognize the furred and winged and crawling ones are our brothers and sisters as well. Mitakuye Oyasin.

  26. sarah says:

    This is sad. Humans are beasts..

  27. Lynda says:

    Great photo. I just had a beautiful bobcat cross my woods and lawn in Harvard, MA this AM (2/10)and went looking for a photo to confirm that what I saw was a bobcat. This has to be the same one – or may-be a close cousin :). We’ve had foxes, coyotes, fishers, but this is the first bobcat we have seen in 24 years. Thanks for the posting.

  28. Sarah says:

    I’m in Brooklyn CT and just this morning two bobcats crossed the street in front of my house into the woods.

  29. Animal Lover says:

    A beast? Come on. Humans are the beasts… actually monster is a better word for the sinners.

  30. that animal was just like a human you kids who drive now are the ones who kill people we love gosh be safe and if you hit an aniamlsay a pray…..dont just pray on yourself