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: February, 2011

BPT P&Z: Photos and video from Monday’s meeting

The Bridgeport Planning & Zoning on Monday night rejected a proposed 120-bed halfway house near Went Field Park. The commission said that neighborhood has changed in character since 2008 — when

Halfway house update

Commission has opted to delay vote at least until members finish going through night’s entire agenda. This is like waiting for The Best Picture award, with just as many commercial breaks leading up

Halfway house hearing

lots of passion on display for both sides. Those against proposed halfway house outnumber those in favor 125 to 34 after commission-led headcount. About one hour into public comment…still no vote.

Bpt: halfway house P&Z hearing updates

80 or so residents protesting proposed 120-bed halfway house outside of city hall. They’re Marching into the assembly room now,chanting “enough is enough”

Stratford man charged with Fairfield kidnapping

FAIRFIELD — A Stratford man allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home, dragged her by the hair to his car, and threatened to kill her with a kitchen knife early Monday morning, police said.

Stallworth sworn in as 126th state Rep.

From the General Assembly press office: STALLWORTH TAKES OATH OF OFFICE Becomes newest state representative for Bridgeport Charlie Stallworth (D-Bridgeport) today was officially sworn in as the state

Gas leak at Oxford Airport

Firefighters called to Oxford Airport Sunday afternoon after control tower employees report smelling gas. Airport employees says smell traced to gas tank under control tower.

Gov. Malloy brainstorms budget solutions with Republican Gov. Rick Scott of Florida on CNN

This is an initial transcript of this morning’s confrontation between Gov. Malloy, a Democrat, and the GOP Gov. of Florida. It is courtesy of CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, the station’s

Norwalk woman charged in Westport burglary

WESTPORT — A Norwalk woman was arrested Friday event after allegedly burglarizing a Sniffen Road home. Police report that the residents of the address came home about 5:45 p.m. to find their home had

Accident on I-95 Northbound

State Police reported that an accident that occured about half an hour ago is stalling traffic on I-95 Northbound in Greenwich. Though there are reportedly no serious injuries, two cars are blocking