Eleven 2011 homicides in Bridgeport — how does it compare?

A man was fatally shot Friday morning while he pumped gas on Hollister Ave, earning the dubious honor of being the eleventh homicide in Bridgeport in 2011.

The gas station in question

We have a rundown of those ten killings here, but what does the figure mean?

Compare the number to the database on this page, which compares 2009 murder rates to the then-recently released 2010 stats.

The Bridgeport section of the database.

With five months left in 2011, the city is already hot on the heels 2009’s entire amount of homicides.

2011’s 11 pales in comparison to 2010’s 22, of course, but according to this article from July 20, 2010, Bridgeport had seen 16 homicides around the same time last year.  By that metric, our current rate is 60 percent lower than the rate it was at in 2010 — a very respectable decrease if Bridgeport can maintain it.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a similar story for 2009.

(Coincidentally, the 16th homicide mentioned in that last link was also a fatal shooting like Friday morning’s.)

Any reason for this decrease?  Immediately, the raid that seized countless guns and saw the arrest of 29 people earlier this year leaps to mind, but honestly there are too many variables to say definitively.

So: in 2011 we have ten homicides where in 2010 we had 16.  This is a good sign, but it doesn’t reflect on what the total murder rate will be in 2012.  We could easily see a spree killing, serial killer or unrelated outbreak of violence to scoot the scores back up.  And let’s not forget that a year is a relatively arbitrary period of time to judge crime rates by.

Still, leaving broader arguments about statistics aside, the city can take a little satisfaction that Bridgeport seems to be on track for a lower homicide rate than 2010.

Chris Duray