Black Rock Yacht Club “out of commission”

BRIDGEPORT — Black Rock Yacht Club was closed to members and non-members Monday, as club management surveyed the heavy flooding and structural damage and tried getting engineers to come in and appraise the club’s safety.

The dock was ripped in pieces, the restaurant and main club house were “out of commission,” and the ball room’s floor structure was lifted up by wave action, according to the club.

Fencing around the waterfront swimming pool was torn away and the pool was filled with sea water.

Richard Kyc, Elsie Adorno and Michael Kessler waded through the flooding Sunday afternoon to take in the storm first hand. Here is what they saw (videos four, five and six relate to the BRYC damage)…

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Tim Loh

6 Responses

  1. Jim Farrell says:

    While tropical storm Irene did cause damage to the Black Rock Yacht Club facilities, we have reopened our restaurant and bar for full service to our membership. We continue to move forward with repairs to the club house and dock and anticipate a full and exciting upcoming season of yachting in 2012.

  2. Stelios Hondrocolos says:

    Hey! I think I saw that kid stealing silver trophy plates and running out of the ballroom during the storm!

  3. Black Rock Chick says:

    Who cares? Really? um, everyone effected by the storm. Clearly you were unaffected by the storm, but many of us were not so lucky.

  4. Charles says:


  5. Chris Gill says:

    Hey Black Rock Guy – that is a stupid comment. There are a number of reasons why people should care. Black Rock Yacht Club is a historic building, hundreds of it’s members live in Black Rock and the club employs dozens of area residents who are now out of a job.

  6. Black Rock Guy says:

    That goes under the category of who cares!