Malloy details changes to liquor laws; Sunday sales

On Saturday Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s provided more details on proposed changes to the state’s liquor laws, including Sunday sales.

What follows is part of a press release Malloy’s office issued Saturday afternoon.

If you’d rather skip Malloy’s comments, here are the details of the proposals:

2012.01.14 Modernizing CT Liquor Laws

HARTFORD – In order to help Connecticut stay competitive with neighboring states and give consumers a break, Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced he intends to introduce legislation in the upcoming session to update state laws – some of which date back to Prohibition – regulating the sale of alcohol.

The package’s most recognizable proposal would allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays, certain holidays, and on Mondays that come after Sunday holidays. Other provisions, which Governor Malloy said are “consumer-friendly,” would eliminate minimum pricing to lower costs for consumers.

“These laws are outdated and they artificially increase the price of alcohol to Connecticut consumers,” Malloy said. “By allowing Sunday sales, by removing distribution and sale restrictions and by amending permit regulations, we’re going to help Connecticut regain its competitive edge in this industry, and we’re going to give consumers a break.”

Malloy explained that the goal of these statute updates is to keep Connecticut competitive, not only with our neighboring states, but also with the rest of the country. Connecticut and Indiana are the only states in the nation that ban the sale of alcohol on Sundays.

“As the years go by and other states modify their laws to reflect modern-day realities, our statutes have collected dust and it has resulted in consumers shopping in bordering states, causing Connecticut retailers to lose $570 million in sales each year to surrounding states by some industry estimates,” Governor Malloy said. “This proposal is pro-consumer, pro-‘mom and pop’ and pro-dollars being spent within Connecticut.”

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Jim Shay

6 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    Malloy should never have been given any authority. He is showing the scary signs of a controlling dictator who cares very little about the people he serves. All of the store owners, their workers, the salesmen, and the drivers in the state will be looking for work soon. I guess it’s a good thing they’ll be able to get their booze cheaply. They’ll need it. Right Mr Malloy? Tell me… How much are you making from this?

  2. Mark says:

    Either Malloy is a complete knucklehead or he has big businesses in his pocket. “In order to help Connecticut stay competitive with neighboring states”. Are you kidding me? If these laws are passed the stores won’t be in business any more. In actuality, he’s promoting putting hundreds of small businesses out of business and having people buy their booze at a mega store. I’m already forced to buy some things at the extremely scummy Walmart or Costco. Now Malloy wants me to go one of these huge stores just to pick up a six pack of beer?

  3. bob says:

    How does this governor have the audacity to say his plan is pro mom and pop? What in his plan is pro mom and pop. There is not one that helps them. Out of 1100 package stores in this state you can guarantee atleast 400 would go out of business if all of his plan goes through. It must be his dyslexia and his backwards thinking. He is in bed with the biggest package store in the state as well as the the big suppliers who have nothing to lose. They are chirping in his ear and he doesn’t have the mental compacity to see through it. What a shame for this state they elected such an inept person to run this state.

  4. John says:

    I am a liquor store owner and work for a major corporation as well. I have dealt with multimillion dollar budget gaps and there are numerous ways to address a shortfall/perceived shortfall in income/revenue to address expenses. Introducing new taxes (in this climate) is not one of them. We have been asked to tighten our belts, the government should be asked to do the same. I don’t care if you are a democrat or a republican, the math is the same. You can’t keep spending what you are not making…you can’t squeeze new taxes from the taxpayer who has no more money to give…you have to look at the expenses and review where you can cut! In corporations, cutting comes in the form of people, programs, etc to ensure the expenses are in check with the revenue coming in. The same principles apply to government offices. I understand Mr. Malloy (actually his administration) with the expected “perceived” gain in income from Sunday sales, no minimum bottle so it is perceived as the consumer is getting the best deal, opening an extra hour during the week. All make sense until you drill down into the “perceived” gains. I will let you know, when we extended our liquor store hours so we can remain open until 9:00pm…do you know how much business we gained/all liquor stores gained with the 6 extra hours a week? Almost nil…a big fat $0 dollars. That’s right…everyone kept talking about how much revenue the extra hour would bring and in the end the extra hour never lived up to its expectation and expected revenue uptick. In the US/northeast, we are the most worked out of all parts of our wonderful nation. Almost all of us have cell phones/texting/internet access from our smart phones and blackberry’s. We are in constant communication with one another and with our company. We have to hit the reset button and level set with our significant other, families, children and friends and keep a day of the week to interact with people and the one’s who mean the most to us. If Mr. Malloy and others wanted to raise revenue (I’m not a corporate cronie by any means), we should invest in putting factories back into CT. If our government wanted to generate revenue, we can put factories back online and give the corporations a break to operate in CT. We are a society of providing services and not manufacturing anything any longer. I can go on forever and I have no interest in politics, but when I feel we are so far off the track…we need to raise as one voice and let our government reps know how we feel. It’s not easy as most of us feel we don’t have the time and why should I care…it will only fall on deaf ears. We shouldn’t become complacent and move to action. Just my thoughts…

  5. Liberty First says:

    What a fool! I love the line…“These laws are outdated and they artificially increase the price of alcohol…”

    That may be artificial but your ill advised tax increases are real! And those tax increases hurt us a lot more than the percieved loss of sales of liquor.

    Do us all a favor, either resign your position because of gross stupidity and malicious harm to the state residents through your ignorant tax increases or announce you will only serve one term so that we may find a leader that can get this state running again.

    And by the way, where are all the “green jobs” you promised during your campaign? Never mind green jobs, what about any kind of jobs? It appears more jobs have left than have been created. Gross incompetence! A truly inept politician!

  6. Lucy L says:

    so now more people will be working on sunday – away from their families.

    More drinking, more dwi’s. Great income maker for the state.

    If the state govt. curbed their spending, spend more time in Hartford solving our problems and oh yes– take a deduction out of every single welfare check to help pay for all the entitlements given. That way receipients can help pay the bills.