Malloy details changes to liquor laws; Sunday sales

On Saturday Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s provided more details on proposed changes to the state’s liquor laws, including Sunday sales.

What follows is part of a press release Malloy’s office issued Saturday afternoon.

If you’d rather skip Malloy’s comments, here are the details of the proposals:

2012.01.14 Modernizing CT Liquor Laws

HARTFORD – In order to help Connecticut stay competitive with neighboring states and give consumers a break, Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced he intends to introduce legislation in the upcoming session to update state laws – some of which date back to Prohibition – regulating the sale of alcohol.

The package’s most recognizable proposal would allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays, certain holidays, and on Mondays that come after Sunday holidays. Other provisions, which Governor Malloy said are “consumer-friendly,” would eliminate minimum pricing to lower costs for consumers.

“These laws are outdated and they artificially increase the price of alcohol to Connecticut consumers,” Malloy said. “By allowing Sunday sales, by removing distribution and sale restrictions and by amending permit regulations, we’re going to help Connecticut regain its competitive edge in this industry, and we’re going to give consumers a break.”

Malloy explained that the goal of these statute updates is to keep Connecticut competitive, not only with our neighboring states, but also with the rest of the country. Connecticut and Indiana are the only states in the nation that ban the sale of alcohol on Sundays.

“As the years go by and other states modify their laws to reflect modern-day realities, our statutes have collected dust and it has resulted in consumers shopping in bordering states, causing Connecticut retailers to lose $570 million in sales each year to surrounding states by some industry estimates,” Governor Malloy said. “This proposal is pro-consumer, pro-‘mom and pop’ and pro-dollars being spent within Connecticut.”

Jim Shay