Editor’s note: Why we published this photo

We have published a photograph of a homicide victim lying — uncovered — on a Bridgeport street this morning. We have done so only after considerable thought and discussion.

This photograph was taken by a teenage girl who goes to the same school attended by Justin Thompson, the 14-year-old shot and killed Jan. 8.

For some reason, police left the body on the Bond Street sidewalk, uncovered, for several hours after it was reported around 4 a.m. The photographer and many other children were forced to walk past it on the way to school.

While publishing this photo may make some people uncomfortable, it is an undeniably powerful representation of the spate of tragedy the city is enduring. Ultimately, what’s unacceptably uncomfortable is schoolchildren having to walk past homicide victims.

– David McCumber, editorial director, Hearst Connecticut Media Group

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David McCumber

6 Responses

  1. Ret NHPD says:

    I can’t ever remember a newspaper or their website ever posting a picture of a homicide victim. Several area papers felt the need to publish a photo of a former cop MURDERED. Kenny was a good guy never hurt anyone yet the CT POST wants once again to smear the NHPD. VERY DISTASTEFUL, I am glad the New Haven Register and Hartford Courant HAD THE RESPECT NOT TO RUN THE PHOTO. You and your newspaper are disgraces!

  2. Really disgusted says:

    The Post did the wrong thing. That was a human being. That human being was murdered. He was a son, a father, a friend. If they used the same idea with photos of the two prior muder victims there would be an uprising. You took this mans dignity…The whole matter was handled by residents, BPT PD, and CT Post well to simply sum it up…DISGUSTING!

  3. Rosebeth Kale says:

    The Post did the right thing. Maybe it will shame our city into helping the people of the East Side

  4. Jocelyne Hudson-Brown says:

    I understand fully not covering the body for fear of contamination. Not to post an officer and/or block off the street so the children would not have to walk by the corpse is horrible. No matter what they are children, they don’t deserve that!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Bridgeport has to get its act together! People saw the body at 3 am and nobody called until 4:30 am? Shameful. Children should not have to see a dead body on the street.

  6. Joel Gonzalez says:

    Sure, lets rush to cover or move the body and disrupt or taint the crime scene. It is what it is–the Police Department didn’t dump the body there or shot the guy for children to see.