Hearing deferred for Testo’s Restaurant zone change

BRIDGEPORT — A public hearing scheduled on the proposed change of zone for Testo’s Restaurant on Madison Avenue was deferred Monday night.

Charles Willinger, the attorney representing 1775 Madison Investments LLC, whose principal is Democratic Town Committee Chair Mario Testa, asked that the hearing be postponed because three of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s nine members were absent, just like last month.

For the zone change to pass, all six commissioners would have had to vote yes. There were about 20 people in the Council Chambers at City Hall ready to oppose Testa’s request.

The DTC chair is asking that his property’s single-family residential zone be changed to an office/retail/general zone. He is also asking for permission to demolish the home next to his business and put in additional valet parking there.

The hearing was rescheduled for the P&Z’s next regular meeting on March 26.
According to Willinger, that would mark the 119th day since the application was filed. The law requires that applications be heard within 130 days of being filed.
This means the application can’t be deferred again. Instead, if a full complement of the commission fails to show up next month, Testa would either have to take his chances with a vote or withdraw and then resubmit his application.

Keila Torres Ocasio