Connecticut rated number one state for women

Connecticut is the best state in the nation for women, according to iVillage, the largest content-driven online community for women. The site commissioned an extensive analysis to rank all 50 states in order of which were best for women, and which have failed their female citizens.

According to a press release from iVillage,  Connecticut, which has healthcare coverage for over 90 percent  of its female population and touts an educated population with more than one-third of women holding a four-year college degree, took top honors as the nation’s best state for women. The five best states for women are revealed today on iVillage’s iVote channel, the site’s Election 2012 hub. Each day for the next 10 days, five more states will be unveiled in descending order, culminating in the worst states on March 23. States were judged on how women fared in terms of healthcare and wellness, economic well-being, parenting support, education, female representation in government, and reproductive rights.

The five best states in iVillage’s ranking are:

1. Connecticut

2. Hawaii

3. Maryland

4. Massachusetts

5. California

To gather the facts for iVillage’s “50 Best to Worst States for Women” list, 12 authoritative sources of data were consulted, including the National Council of State Legislatures, National Women’s Law Center, National Partnership for Women and Families, the 2010 US Census FactFinder, and the National Network to End Domestic Violence. The categories of healthcare and  wellness and economic well-being were weighted as top criteria, followed by parenting and female representation in government office. Education and reproductive rights also factored in. For the full methodology used to determine each state’s rank, click here.

The release of iVillage’s “50 Best to Worst States for Women” list coincides with Women’s History month, which falls in March.

Amanda Cuda