Bishop Lori’s goodbye to parishioners

From our friends at Last week Archbishop William Lori, the former Bishop of Bridgeport was at the Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard to pay final tribute to his driver who passed earlier this year. I asked him his biggest challenges and biggest accomplishments in the eleven years he served. I also asked him if he foresees women clergy. Some of his answers will surprise you! He also gives a goodbye message to parishioners.

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Amanda Cuda

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  1. Back to the future says:

    I am sure the good bishop misses “the good old days” of the Inquisition when heretics were burned at the stake. It is truly a great day for all the citizens of Fairfield County that this dictatorial martinet who is an enemy of the freedom of thought leases. Good riddnce Bishop Lori! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out