Consultant unveils Shakespeare theater model

Arts Consulting Group, a business management firm hired by the Town of Stratford in 2010 to assess and recommend a nonprofit business plan and fundraising scheme for the theater’s renaissance, unveiled a model Thursday night of what they believe the performing arts venue could look like.

The model shows a smaller, 600-seat theater with added rehearsal, storage and administrative space and a glass-enclosed box office offering views of the Housatonic River. The model shows the theater in the absence of the main lobby and mechanical building, two existing structures the consultant group said should be torn down.

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2 Responses

  1. bill bates says:

    Hey Nunya, you don’t know squat about what this facility represents. Granted the old support failed and its been shuttered for 20 years, but this place is a gold mine if someone with brains stepped up. Another row of crappy condos will make Stratford less likely to get new money. The old Theater is a huge asset if politicians cared about the town’s future – instead of their own. Bill Bates – a Stratford Citizen

  2. nunya says:

    The Town of Stratford should have torn down the building over a decade ago. Unfortunately leadership in town lacks credibility, forsight and understanding of real needs of the community. Taxes go up ever year, police, fire and teachers are ripping of the tax payers, and yet the leadership wants the tax payers to put in for a failed project.