After Stratford mezuzah controversy, rabbi calls for federal legislation

An orthodox rabbi cites a controversial Stratford incident when calling for federal legislation to protect a person’s right to post a mezuzah on his or her door frame on the Huffington Post.

“Since many people know that a Jew–and especially an Orthodox Jew–cannot live in a home without a mezuzah, the attempt to keep out “undesirable” Orthodox Jews can sometimes come in the form of prohibiting people from putting up mezuzahs on their doorposts. Yes, unfortunately, even in America in the year 2012, there are still places that are trying to exclude Jews.

“A recent case in Stratford, Connecticut illustrates this point.

“Barbara Cadranel, a Stanford Condominium owner, was given a gift of a mezuzah by her children. When she put up the mezuzah she was told by the condominium that she would be fined $50 a day for every day she left the mezuzah up. The condominium allowed for crucifixes, and Easter and Christmas decorations to be displayed in public places, but it was still forbidding Ms. Cadranel from displaying a mezuzah.”

— Rabbi Shmuel Hertzfeld of The National Synagogue

Read Hertzfeld’s Huffington Post religion blog here.

Read more about Stratford resident Barbara Cadranel,  who in March was ordered to remove the mezuzah on her doorframe, here.

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One Response

  1. Francis Ward says:

    The Board of Directors were wrong and I might add very stupid.
    They are non Hebrew and unaware of what is an accepted practice in the jewish community. I have yet to see any Mezuzah placed on a door of entry baseboard that is not neat, affixed with the most care and for my understanding positioned is such a way as NOT to draw any attention. Although, I am not Jewish, I am most certain that the Mezuzah dates back to the Old Testament, as a communication signal among fellow Jews, to claim themselves a safe house from the Egyptians, who inslaved them. The last thing a Jew wanted was to attract attention. Yes, this incident in Stratford, CT should become a landmark example of legal tort or ignorance. The fact too, that seasonal Christian symbols were allowed in the same condo complex, in a more obvious displan than a Mezuzah says just plain power hungry by the board and this same power rule cannot ever be tollerated again in the great U.S.A! Let freedom begin, now.