Mayor Finch tried to talk Newton out of return to Senate

State Senator-turned-convicted felon Ernest Newton II Monday night received the Democratic Party’s endorsement to run for his old seat in the legislature.

State Senator-turned-Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch in a statement Monday expressed reservations about Newton’s return to politics.

“As a former colleague Ernie and I worked together for many years,” Finch said. “While I wish him well in all his endeavours, when Ernie and I spoke recently I told him I do not think this is the best decision for him or the city.”

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Brian Lockhart

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  1. G.D. Flye says:

    This is baloney. Finch wanted Newton in so that it could drain support from Gomes and go to Finch’s buddy Ayala of the Ayala family that is famed for screwing up our electinos