The Great Divide: An invitation

Connecticut has the widest wealth gap in the nation.

For some, this just makes grabbing the brass ring a little more challenging. For others, seeking a better future for the next generation is becoming an elusive dream. And while some try to climb, many of our neighbors are struggling not to fall.

We are seeking readers to document how people define living comfortably in 2012, and to share their experiences all along the great divide.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, contact us at or call (203) 330-6248.

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Chris Duray

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  1. ray rivera says:

    How does someone who’s worked 45 years and ends up laid off due to econmics effecting all markets survive after unemloyement runs out and at age 55 you don’t have much of a chance to land a job, currently paying high rent and unable to afford to move with 2mos demand on one bedroom apts and paying existing rents and utilities,and one week left on unemployement, no health benefits,no where to turn to,can’t even move out of state without having money todo so, whats a person todo?