Blake, now a father, back at Wimbledon

U.S. Tennis player and long-time Fairfield resident James Riley Blake became a father on June 10 with the birth of daughter Riley Elizabeth. Blake’s fiancee, Emily Snider, and baby are doing well and the tennis player, once ranked number four in the world, is off to Wimbledon, where he’s entered in the main draw.
“It has been amazing. I couldn’t possibly be happier to be a father. Mother and daughter are doing great,” Blake said via email from England on Thursday.
“As for wimby (Wimbledon), I’m excited to be playing here again because I know how much it means to my mom back in her home country.”
Blake’s mother, Betty, who lives in Fairfield, is British.
A tour veteran at age 32, it’s not clear how many years Blake may have left, but he still has passion for the game. It takes more, though, than passion to survive on the pro tour.
“I’ve still got a few little, nagging injuries and I will have to play through those. I’m hoping I’ve still got some good results left, especially at the slams. That’s the time to really appreciate the tour. I’ve been out here a while and these slams really are enjoyable.
Blake has also entered a new promotional partnership with Travis Matthew apparel, a line until now primarily associated with golf, Bubba Watson at the moment their premiere player.

Michael Daly