Checking off the Steel Point to-do list

Carter McDowell, attorney for Steel Point developer Robert Christoph, tonight presented the City Council’s Economic and Community Development and Environment Committee with a list of behind-the-scenes accomplishments.

McDowell’s point? While it appears not a lot has been happening with the vacant Steel Point waterfront property (and it does), Christoph’s team (Bridgeport Landing Development, LLC) has been working for the past several years with city, state and federal officials to obtain all of the approvals necessary to break ground.

“As we stand in front of you this project is ready to ‘go vertical’ in the very near future,” McDowell said.

For example, he said, the federal and state permits necessary for shoreline restoration, including construction of a 200 slip marina, are in hand.

“I do marina permitting all over the country. Marinas are second only to nuclear power plants in terms of the levels of regulation,” McDowell said.

Below is the completed to-do list for Steel Point that McDowell and Christoph passed around.

Tonight the council committee approved a financing plan for the $190 million infrastructure work. The full council is expected to act on that plan Monday.

And the announcement of the first major tenant is supposedly forthcoming.


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Brian Lockhart

2 Responses

  1. RM Ferrucci says:

    We Don’t need more low-income housing, marinas, Bridgeport is so unique and lucky to have a harbor like that. (Although they can’t afford to have it dredged) It is best suited for a shipping port. It’s close to I95 and can handle all containers north of NYC. It’s close to an airport. It’s close to a train track. Why ruin the harbor by trying to make it a miniature Newport, when the city doesn’t have any rich people like Newport? Improper development of Steel Point will have long lasting effects on this city. It will be interesting to see where (and to whom)the cronyism is leaning.

  2. G.D. Flye says:

    More baloney. Steel Point is nothing but a ripoff of the taxpayers and a theft of jobs. This property is perfect for light industry…Time for the city to sell this property.