SHU named country’s ‘least affordable’ college

Sacred Heart University in Fairfield is on the top of Newsweek’s 2012 list of  “least affordable” colleges in the country. The college compared tuition, student debt and median income among alums. Is that fair? Read and respond on education reporter Maggie Gordon’s blog now.

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Lee Steele

2 Responses

  1. really says:

    this comment shows how jealous a person can be. because a woman who built a sucessful empire that millions of people, worldwide appreciate and endorse, sits on the Sacred Heart board it makes the school sleezy and have bad quality of education?

  2. Prudence Do Good says:

    And it is one of the worst as far as the quality of the eduction. Only a 4th rate school would have a Board member who made her fortune from running a pro wrestling company..can you say sleazy. Don’t donate any money to this school