Malloy makes Rolling Stone list of pot reformers

No he didn’t make the cover of Rolling Stone, but Gov. Dannel P. Malloy did make the magazine’s top 10 list of politicians on pot reform.

Malloy made the list along with Rep, Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. Vermont Gov. Pete Shumlin is also on Rolling Stone’s refer-friendly list.

The magazine wrote that the 10 are among the “political power players fighting to reform the pot policies that lock up more than 800,000 Americans per year.”

Rolling Stone wrote of Malloy:

“Last year, Connecticut’s governor signed a marijuana decriminalization bill into law. Instead of facing a $1,000 fine and possible jail time, marijuana offenders now must pay $150 for their first offense and between $200 and $500 for subsequent violations. This spring, Malloy also signed a new law making Connecticut the country’s 17th state to legalize medical marijuana. (As his opponents often point out, Connecticut’s governor has a personal stake in marijuana policy reform: His son, now in his twenties, has had multiple legal run-ins allegedly involving marijuana.)

Read the entire article here.

The first offense for having less than a half-ounce of weed is $150. Get caught again and the fines range from $200 to $500. Three-time offenders must attend attend a drug education program at their own cost.

Here’s a summary of Connecticut’s decriminalized pot laws here.

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Jim Shay

11 Responses

  1. ha says:

    Cannabis should be legal period there’s no reason the government should be able to tell people what they can put in their body, especially one that grows in the ground.

  2. JCW says:

    Malloy’s three priorities as Governor: Raise taxes so he can keep spending, get rid of the death penalty to pander to the criminal crowd, and relax marijuana penalties for his son. This guy needs to GTFO.

  3. RichardLV says:

    Let’s not fool ourselves here. These minuscule fines basically legalized marijuana

  4. Jimmy says:

    If you can’t get the people jobs, you might as well make them comfortable and numb.

  5. Liberty First says:

    That’s just great Dan, Dannel, Daniel Malloy. Now, about jobs. When you gonna bring jobs to Connecticut? Any jobs.

    By the way, does anyone anywhere consider the Rolling Stone to be serious journalism? He should be embarrassed the Rolling Stone thinks so highly of him at the same time the Cato Institute rates him as one of the country’s worst governor for economic development. Doubly embarrassed for that double jeapordy.

  6. Matt says:

    That is great…He should brag next about raising our taxes and making it retroactive to the begining of the year.

  7. JK says:

    Great… Unemployment above national average…. Industry & stores closing… Taxes in a low orbit that would make NASA proud… and this clown is working on marijuana decriminalization! What an Arrogant, Condescending, Useless, Clueless, Liberal, Horses back side he is. Apparently danny-boy had been “Bogarting” a fat one for himself.

  8. Vinnie says:

    Decriminalizing Marijuana-wasn’t that convenient for the Govenor. Now the table is set for his son to petition to have his Marijuana convictions expunged from his criminal record. This is a travesty for our “Say No to Drugs” policy for children and adults. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Governor for ruining lives and failing our state!

  9. BCT says:

    Well that makes his poor job performance and the state of the CT economy so much more palpable. Thanks.

  10. sadinbpt says:

    exactly Barbara. who does he think he is fooling?

  11. Barbara says:

    How exciting! What an honor! I guess now he doesn’t have to worry about his son getting arrested again!