Hawk kills, eats squirrel outside Bridgeport daycare

Pedestrians on the 500 block of State Street Tuesday afternoon caught a glimpse of a hawk sinking its talons into the back of a squirrel and then territorially eating its prey.

The attack, which took place outside the Care Around The Clock childcare center, caught the attention of a small number of passersby, who pulled out cell phone cameras to document the violent scene.

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4 Responses

  1. Susan t. says:

    I saw that hawk while walking my small (8 lb) dog yesterday. It was up on top of the credit union building at Lafayette and Fairfield. I stopped and watched it for a while, noticing how it was surveying the area…glad I the leash for my pooch was short….because I suspected it was hunting. I know of a woman who let her bison frise out into her backyard only to be scooped up by a hawk.

  2. Bird Watcher says:

    Might want to check with Audubon, looks more like an osprey to me!

  3. Dave Moore says:

    I like squirels. Unless you want Hawks to become vegetarians that is nature. May the squirel rest in peace.

  4. Rob Varnon says:

    I liked that squirrel. You know the just cut down a lot of shrubs that the squirrels used for cover.