Complaint filed against group pushing charter change

BRIDGEPORT — A former state legislator turned blogger has filed a complaint against a political action committee that was formed to urge voters to approve the upcoming charter referendum.
The PAC has focused its efforts on convincing people that switching from a system where Board of Education members are elected to a system where they are appointed by the mayor could be the magic bullet for getting the city’s failing schools back on track.

In the last two weeks, I’ve received two fliers in the mail from the Residents for a Better Bridgeport political action committee. The fliers show images of Charter Revision Commission members, identified by their day jobs and not their commission status, and Mayor Bill Finch. They sing the praises of the state-appointed school board in Bridgeport and attribute many things to them, including new schools they had little or nothing to do with.

Above is a video about the charter change, also created by the PAC.

The fliers and the video are the reason Jonathan Pelto filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission this week. In Pelto’s complaint, he questions the expense report filed last week by the PAC. He says that the report filed at the Town Clerk’s office claims no expenditures were made by the PAC within the last three months. So who paid for the fliers with the PAC’s name on it? That’s what Pelto wants to know.

Check out his complaints.

Keila Torres Ocasio