Bridgeport Police union frets about pension

Chuck Paris, president of Police Local 1159, wrote to members Friday morning to reassure them that the city will follow through on an agreement to place active bargaining unit employees in the state-backed Municipal Employees Retirement System.

Currently, police pensions are funded through two city accounts.

The union and Mayor Bill Finch have a signed agreement that was ratified by the City Council 16-0 in June, Paris reminded his membership.

The agreement says the transfer to the state system will be completed “in a reasonable amount of time,” but Paris wrote in his memo that union attorney Eric Brown advises “that means months, not years.”

The police union president also dispelled a rumor that Chief Joseph Gaudett might try to delay the process because more than 100 officers would be eligible to retire.

“The rumors you are hearing are not worth your time or mine,” Paris wrote.

Frank Juliano