Connecticut among top states for centenarians

There were only 46 states, Halley’s Comet was in the sky and Mark Twain died when at least 930 Connecticut residents were born who were counted in the 2010 census.

The U.S. Census Bureau said Monday Connecticut had the fourth highest percentage of centenarians, with 0.026 percent, in the country in 2010.

South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska all had higher percentages, but Connecticut had the largest population of these states.

California, home to 5,921 people, had the most people who had lived for a century or more, according to the bureau and New York was second with 4,605.

When many of these people were born, the machine gun had not been invented and the world was just entering the age of flight. The first transcontinental flight would not happen in the U.S. until 2012. There was no highway system.

Besides seeing the admittance of New Mexico and Arizona, these are people who would witness two world wars, the birth of the atom bomb, the computer and the moon landing.

States with the lowest number of people reaching 100 were Alaska, with only 40 people, followed by Utah and Nevada, all with less than 0.0076 percent.

Rob Varnon