Shouldn’t Tito Ayala – Christina’s dad – know where his daughter lives?

So it emerged last week that Christina Ayala, who was elected state representative in November, may not actually live in her district, which is a problem.

Ayala when she registered with the State Elections Enforcement Commission claimed she lives at 604 Noble Ave, in the 128th House District. And according to the city, that’s where she’s registered to vote. (Mom, by the way, is the Democratic Registrar of Voters).

But it increasingly appears she actually lives at 49 Hillside Ave, the site of the domestic disturbance that resulted in last week’s arrest of Ayala and her boyfriend. That is the address Ayala provided the court when she sought a restraining order. And it’s in the 129th House District.

Ayala has not been returning our calls, so I figured I’d reach out to her dad, Tito, also of Bridgeport and a Democratic official in the 128th District. He and his daughter are close.

Tito said I had caught him at a bad time and he could not talk.

Couldn’t he quickly tell me whether or not Ayala lives on Noble Avenue?

“I don’t visit my daughter,” Tito said. “I work seven days a week.”

Under state law Christina – if in fact she does not live in her district – has until she is sworn in Jan. 9 to move there.

Brian Lockhart