Is Bridgeport really all that dirty?

Bridgeport has been in the news for all kinds of unpleasant reasons this week, and perhaps one of the most talked about stories was Forbes declaring it one of the filthiest cities in America.

Mayor Bill Finch, predictably, disagreed.

“Making Bridgeport the cleanest city in the region has been one of my highest priorities since I took office in 2007,” Finch said. “We lead the way in brownfield remediation, receiving more grant funding — $7 million — from the EPA than any other municipality in New England since the agency began awarding such funds.”

And for $7 million, you’d certainly want a better ranking than that.

So what do you think, Park City dwellers? Is Bridgeport getting a bad rap or is it really that terrible? Well, now’s your chance to prove it.

Send us your pictures of Bridgeport, at its best or worst, and we’ll find out if Forbes really knows what it’s talking about.

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Mike DeSalvo