Bridgeport police chief aids Newtown counterpart

All day Sunday, Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph Gaudett shadowed Newtown Chief of Police Michael Kehoe.
 It is a plan area police departments have in place when major incidents. The Newtown school shooting falls into that category.
 Gaudett, a Newtown resident, said he basically acted as Kehoe’s assistant, answering emails and phone calls. The two talked a lot. Gaudett listened a lot.
 “They are doing a heck of a job,” Gaudett said of Newtown law enforcement. “I am proud to be a citizen of Newtown.”
 Gaudett said the quick response time to the school on Friday morning was instrumental in saving lives.
 “When the chief and second in command arrived at the scene, the shooter was alive. We belief it not for that quick response there may have been even more loss of life,” he said.
 Gaudett said attended Sunday night’s ceremony and was comforted by the remarks made by President Obama. “I am looking forward to working with others on the initiatives [the president] spoke about. Our children deserve that,” said Gaudett. “The time for that to start is right now. I have 440 officers I have to make sure get home at night and 20,000 kids to protect.

Linda Lambeck