Lamar Advertising won’t challenge Webster Arena’s new sign

Anyone driving through Bridgeport on I-95 will notice Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard has wasted little time erecting the giant electronic sign zoning officials approved in late November.

It’s as if the venue feared a potential legal challenge from Lamar Outdoor Advertising, which had opposed the application, and wanted to get the thing built ASAP.

Well, there’s nothing for Webster to worry about. John Kennelly, the Hartford-based attorney representing Lamar, said this afternoon his client is walking away from the issue.

“We’re going to walk away from it. The Planning and Zoning Department decided the installation of this new digital billboard was in the best interest of the city and Harbor Yard. We’re going to respect that decision and look forward to working with both the city and Harbor Yard in the future,” Kennelly said.

Brian Lockhart