Curwen leaving City Council & Bridgeport for family emergency

City Councilman Robert Curwen, D-138, Monday night broke the news to his colleagues that after 17 years he is resigning his seat to address an unspecified family health crisis.

“I have met a lot of wonderful people who have the city’s best interest at heart but I am compelled to inform you that I will be retiring from politics very soon due to a family illness that requires immediate attention,” Curwen read from a hand-written speech.

Although his emotional comments were light on the details behind the decision, Mayor Bill Finch indicated Curwen is heading to Virginia with his family.

In a brief interview after the meeting Curwen said he had hoped to remain in Bridgeport but circumstances changed.

“I have to relocate. I don’t know if it’s going to be short term or long term,” Curwen said.

Curwen thanked the voters and various mayors and council presidents “who have placed their trust in my decision-making over the years.”

“To my colleagues, we are truly the workhorse engine that moves this city forward,” Curwen said. “All of you possess unique leadership qualities that address district, ethnic and city issues for the betterment of this great city.”

Curwen received a standing ovation and a warm embrace from Finch.

Councilman Curwen speaks with colleagues Monday following his farewell speech.

Brian Lockhart