District leader’s daughter on paid leave for waving around toy gun

BRIDGEPORT — The daughter of an influential city Democrat is on paid leave after officials learned she pretended to shoot people with a toy gun while on duty as a security guard at the city’s Health Department.

April Robles, daughter of South End District Leader Mitchell Robles, was placed on administrative leave with pay on Jan. 4. City officials acknowledged that Robles is at the center of a Labor Relations investigation but declined to give any details. “I cannot comment further on a personnel matter,” said Elaine Ficarra, Mayor Bill Finch’s spokesperson.

But sources say Robles found a colorful toy gun while on duty at the city’s Health Department on East Main Street and began waving it around in the cafeteria. She also pointed the toy at several people, pretended to shoot and said, “Bang bang.”

The incident came just weeks after the Newtown school massacre. Around the same time, the city, which has been struggling to curb gun violence here for years, began a gun buyback program.

Robles did not return a Connecticut Post reporter’s calls. She also declined to speak to News 12, but her father told the TV station that his daughter found the gun at work and meant no harm. “I raised my daughter right, she’s an adult, and we’ll accept whatever decision the city makes,” Mitch Robles, who is also a city sheriff, told News 12.

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Keila Torres Ocasio

12 Responses

  1. lck says:

    Librarylady, You seem to think waving a gun, either real or a toy is acceptable, I hope your name doesn’t indicate that you work in a library but are just one of the unfortunate homeless who go there to stay out of the cold, you couldn’t really be employed at a real job with an idea that this was making a mountain out of a molehill, you seem to be able to excuse anything.

  2. Librarylady says:

    Oh, please. It was juvenile and silly, but it was clearly a toy. This is making a mountain out of a mole hill and everyone knows it. Bridgeport has enough real problems without hysteria over this nonsense. Including, you know, REAL guns.

  3. jay tee says:

    @ Gad Flye: Great question- unfortunately the answer can’t be trusted because the registrar can’t be trusted- she is criminal Ayala’s mother.

  4. Steve S says:

    Ellen is right, paid VACATION is more like it. This issue is just the tip of the iceberg – she’s been in trouble before with her job because of inappropriate behavior at the Health Dept. And this isn’t the first city job this “security guard” has had. She was let go from the Bd. of Ed. for behavior issues as well, but because she’s CONNECTED the city finds a way to put her on the payroll somewhere else. Unbelievable!! And how long is she going to be on this paid VACATION? What takes so long? What a joke. Finch and his Administration are a bunch of thieves.

  5. Chucky_Dee says:

    Yes it was a toy gun! So what ? She would be THROWN OUT of second grade for a stunt like this !
    Love the ungrammatical way the paper leaves it open if it is she or her father who is under investigation !

  6. Ellen O says:

    Paid leave????? Paid vacation is more like it. The voters in Bridgeport get what they vote for. Losers.

  7. lck says:

    marshall m, how was someone supposed to know that from afar, just a stupid comment

  8. Palin Smith says:

    What ever happened to squirt guns and power blasters?

  9. Ruby says:

    Yes, it was a toy, but this was not appropriate behavior. Just STUPIDITY.

  10. Marshall M. says:

    Um…it was a toy gun.

  11. Gad Flye says:

    Another corrupt political dynasty. I would like to know why several members of this noted family list their voting address at an office on State Street which is clearly not a residence in violation of CT state law.