Ernie Newton’s campaign strategist eyes bid for Mayor of Norwalk

Ernie Newton’s 2012 wasn’t bad. He mounted an unsuccessful but formidable campaign for the state Senate seat he lost in 2005 after being sentenced to jail on federal corruption charges related to his office.

But 2013 has been far less kind to Newton, who once again faces jail time on charges related to last year’s campaign.

However the guy who helped advise Newton’s 2012 comeback and filmed a documentary about the candidate – Vinny Mangiacopra – is hoping to become Mayor of Norwalk, according to The Norwalk Hour.

From left to right, Mangiacopra and Newton at the latter’s campaign headquarters in Bridgeport last year.

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Brian Lockhart

2 Responses

  1. Bill W says:

    Sorry Vinny, your collaboration with Ernie has made you damaged goods.

  2. lck says:

    Who in their right mind would vote for this man? He hooked his wagon to a convicted criminal , that legislator who stole from the public by accepting bribes and merchandise for his votes and is accused again of scamming the state election authority of $80+ thousand, Mangiacopra can’t claim he didn’t know because with Newton’s record he should have been watching every move Newton made, despite what he may say, he had to have closed his eyes to what Newton was doing.