Lake Zoar Authority has new meeting rotation

We just received this press release from the Lake Zoar Authority:

The Lake Zoar Authority will meet Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 7 p.m. in the Monroe Town Hall under a new rotation for the monthly meetings that alternates the venue among the four communities with shoreline on the lake: Monroe, Newtown, Oxford and Southbury.

A segment of the meeting is set aside for public participation.

Ray Hoesten of Newtown, the chairman, said: “We’re hopeful our new rotating format will stimulate more widespread interest in the lake as a marvelous asset and recreational resource.”

The schedule calls for three meetings a year in each community. Up to this year, all meetings were staged at the Southbury Town Hall. Civic appointees from the four communities oversee the administration of the LZA with a commitment to improving the water quality and promoting safety in boating and swimming.

Seasonally, the water is patrolled by two LZA-owned boats staffed by skippers and police officers from the four towns.

The LZA representatives also work actively to minimize the growth of weeds and curb a recently-developed onset of zebra mussels, an bivalve invasive that clogs boat engines and electricity-generating equipment, and presents a threat to swimmers and bathers.

More information about the work of the LZA is available online at

John Burgeson